About DPMS

The Diploma Program in Medical Scribing (DPMS) is offered by ScribeAccred Certifications India Private Limited, referred to herein as "SCI." The program encompasses two distinct certification levels: DPMS CL1 and DPMS CL2..

About DPMS CL1

The DPMS CL1 certification, featuring approximately 790 hours of classroom instruction and Periodic Assessment Tests (PAT), is designed to equip learners with the comprehensive skills necessary for employment or further training within the diverse Medical Scribing industry.

Procedure for Admission

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    Attend the Online Assessment Test (OAT)

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    Sign and submit the latest “Brochure - DPMS” before paying registration cost towards SCI

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Note: Applicants become students once they or their guardian signs and submits this document, receive a registration number from www.scribeaccred.com in their email, and verify it by submitting an OTP sent to their mobile phone.

To qualify for the DPMS CL1 Certificate of Participation and Marks Card, students must meet several criteria. Firstly, they are expected to attend at least 86% of the classes and participate in all Periodic Assessment Tests (PAT), which include chapter-wise tests and/or a comprehensive set of examinations, culminating in a Model Certification Test, referred to as the Model C-Test. Successful completion of the Model C-Test grants eligibility to sit for the final certification examination, known as the C-Test.

Additionally, students are required to regularly confirm their adherence to the prescribed syllabus by submitting syllabus acceptance forms to SCI. This ensures that their training aligns with SCI’s educational standards. Students are also tasked with evaluating their instructors and the Allied Institute, providing feedback to help SCI assess and, if necessary, enhance the quality of instruction, facilities, or training duration.

The C-Test, which stands for Certification Test, is the final hurdle at this level. It employs an absolute marking system to evaluate student performance. After the Model C-Test, students are allowed to attempt the C-Test, with the provision of up to four attempts within a 200-day period following their first attempt. Failure to secure the required score on the C-Test to progress to DPMS CL2 typically means students must retake the entire suite of subjects at their next attempt.

To promote transparency and self-improvement, students will receive scanned copies of their evaluated answer sheets for all offline tests, including English Grammar, Essay Writing, Proof Reading, and Synopsis Writing. This feedback is intended to help students identify areas for improvement.

About DPMS CL2

Admission into the DPMS CL2 program is contingent upon students achieving the requisite scores on the C-Test, as outlined in Table 1. Should a student fail to commence their CL2 training within ten days following the completion of all required procedures, SCI holds the discretion to mandate a retake of the C-Test for CL2 eligibility.

The admission process involves several key steps:


Recruiting partners will conduct comprehensive background checks on prospective students, assessing physical and mental health, as well as criminal history.


Candidates are expected to furnish all necessary documentation for the background verification process. This includes but is not limited to, copies of their PAN Card, proof of address, identity verification, prior employment records, and educational certificates.


Before advancing to the DPMS CL2 training phase, students might need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on legal stamp paper. This agreement aims to ensure confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA laws and other relevant regulations, specifying penalties for any breach.


Given that the training costs for DPMS CL2 are not student-incurred, participants may be asked to enter into an agreement that outlines a financial commitment. This agreement serves to guarantee that students will not withdraw from the program or the subsequent employment opportunity provided by the recruiting partner for a minimum duration of 30 months.

The training period for DPMS CL2, which typically ranges from three to six months, includes a tuition-free phase. After the first successful month of training, students might receive a monthly stipend of up to INR 15,000. This stipend is discretionary, based on factors such as merit and prevailing market conditions. If students fail to meet the required performance benchmarks at any stage without showing significant improvement despite additional opportunities, they may be asked to leave the program.

The DPMS CL2 curriculum is intensive and criterion-based, focusing on a variety of subjects crucial to the medical scribing field. This includes but is not limited to medical scribing essentials, medical chart preparation, and shadowing that are tailored to meet the industry's current demands. Training for this level is primarily conducted in Bengaluru.

Subjects Duration Minimum Score in C-Test to get
DPMS CL1 Course Certificate / Admission
into DPMS CL-2
Language of Medicine
  1. Basic Word Structure
  2. Terms pertaining to the body a whole
  3. Prefixes & suffixes
  4. Blood
  5. Lymphatic and immune system
  6. Digestive system
  7. Cardiovascular system
  8. Respiratory system
  9. Urology
  10. Reproductive system
  11. Musculoskeletal system
  12. Endocrine system
  13. Nervous system
  14. Dermatology
  15. Eyes
  16. Ear
  17. Pharmacology
  18. Oncology/radiology
198 hours 80% marks
English Grammar & Americanism
  1. Intricacies of learning a language
  2. Listening and Speaking activity.
  3. Speaking practice
  4. How to ask basic questions
  5. Write a journal
  6. Importance of thinking in English
  7. Word of the Day
  8. Collocation of the Day
  9. Proofreading exercises
  10. Official Correspondence
  11. Work Place Etiquettes
  12. Group Discussion
  13. Reinforcement and Speaking Exercises
  14. Speech
  15. Basics of Phonetics
  16. Listening and Speaking
  17. English Grammar (US)
  18. Listening and Comprehension
  19. Communicative English
  20. Audio Visual Lab
  21. Synopsis Writing
  22. Essay Writing
  23. Americanism
  24. Soft Skills
  25. Personality Development
  26. One-to-one feedback session
330 hours 80% marks
Med. Scribe Essentials Foundation 12 hours 80% (Only Applicable for DPMS CL1 Participation Certificate)
Fundamentals of medical Coding 54 hours 80% marks
  1. Introduction to typing
  2. History of QWERTY keyboard
  3. Lessons on proper sitting posture.
  4. Benefits of stretching & how to do it properly.
  5. Importance of developing excellent accuracy and speed while typing.
  6. Lessons on how to maintain typing speed and accuracy.
  7. Importance of typing speed at the workplace.
  8. Lessons on wrist and finger placements, using all the 10-fingers while typing
  9. Lessons on speed building tips and tricks
  10. Lesson on importance of typing without looking at the keyboard
  11. Home row- Keys
  12. Top row-Keys
  13. Bottom row-Keys
  14. Basic Level - 3 levels
  15. Advanced Level- 9 levels
  16. Tricky words- 3 levels
  17. Common patterns- 3 levels
  18. Typing practice- Numbers
  19. Typing practice- Symbols
  20. Keyboard shortcuts
  21. Fun activities
  22. Touch typing practice
  23. Medical Chart Typing Practice
  24. Dynamic practice- based on areas of improvement of the student
  25. Video Tutorials
  26. Reading + Typing
  27. Audio + Typing
176 hours 50 WPM with 95% Accuracy
Medical Chart Preparation 20 hours NA
Total class hours 790 hours
Online / Face-to-face Interview As per Industry Requirement of the time

Placement Terms

Every student who successfully completes DPMS CL2 shall be provided placement as Doctor Ready MS (probationary period), and thereon, after the successful completion of the probationary period, as an employee in the designation of Doctor-Approved Medical Scribe Specialist/ Medical Scribe with a starting salary of up to Rs.40,000/- per month depending on availability of Client Doctor.

Terms and Conditions

  1. General Information and Program Delivery
    1. Accuracy and Changes to Information: We endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this document. However, please note that details are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. While we commit to delivering the outlined program, we reserve the right to adjust the program's content and delivery, merge classes, or make other necessary changes as circumstances require.
    2. Program Details: The titles, descriptions, and content of subjects may be altered in accordance with our Company's guidelines.
  2. Financial Obligations
    1. Payment Responsibility: It is the duty of the Allied Institute to ensure that all fees and costs related to our services are paid promptly.
    2. Refund Policy: The refundability of various course fees is as follows:
      1. Application Fee and Registration Cost are not refundable.
      2. Tuition Fee refunds are determined by the timing of withdrawal from the program:
        1. A refund of 50% is available if withdrawal occurs before classes start.
        2. A refund of 25% is granted if withdrawal happens within five days of classes starting.
        3. No refund will be provided under any other circumstances.
    3. Consequences of Non-Payment: Failure to pay fees by the specified due dates may lead to the student facing one or more of the below:
      1. Cancellation of program registration,
      2. Denial of website access,
      3. Restricted class and assessment participation,
      4. Inhibition of progression to further levels,
      5. Or all of the above.
    4. Additional Expenses: Students are responsible for their own travel, food, medical, health, and accommodation expenses.
  3. Student Conduct and Responsibilities
    1. Admission Integrity: Admission offers may be revoked or registration terminated if it is discovered that the application contained false or misleading statements, or significant information was omitted or withheld.
    2. Facility Conduct: Students must not enter the training facility under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Violation will result in immediate termination without compensation.
    3. Liability: We disclaim all liability for any loss, damage, or injury to students or their property at any time.
    4. Curriculum and Evaluation: The Allied Institutes have no role in developing curriculum, examinations, evaluations, or certification processes.
    5. Reporting Illegal Activities: Students are encouraged to report any illegal activities by students, faculty, or Allied Institutes to us.
    6. Fee Regulations: Allied Institutes may not impose any fees beyond those specified in the registration expenditure certificate, except for fines or penalties for student conduct violations.
    7. Prohibition of Defamation: Students are prohibited from engaging in defamation against us or our Allied Institutes, including on social media.
  4. Force Majeure
    • In the event of a Force Majeure, we, along with the Allied Institutes and recruiting partners, shall not be held liable for failing to meet our obligations. Force Majeure events include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, industry recessions, labor disputes, epidemics, accidents, equipment failures, legal restrictions, public disturbances, embargoes, war, terrorism, and other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.